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MK Injury - Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

Road traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury. In 2011 almost 204,000 people were injured in a road traffic accidents, of those 24,510 were seriously injured. Nearly 20,000 of the accident victims were children under the age of 16. A total of 1901 people lost their lives.

Injuries sustained in road traffic accidents can range from sprains, whiplash or broken bones to brain injuries and other major traumas and multiple injuries. Sadly in some cases the accidents can even result in fatalities. If you are the innocent victim you are probably entitled to claim compensation or in the event of a fatality, if you are a close relative of the deceased you may also be entitled to claim.

We strive to ensure that all road traffic accident victims are fully compensated, in addition to compensation for pain and suffering, we can also help you to claim compensation for loss of earnings and other expenses such as ongoing care, travel expenses, medical treatment costs and associated future losses.

We can help with:

  • Accidents involving drivers and passengers of cars, lorries and motorcycles
  • Injuries involving pedestrians
  • Claims involving passengers on public transport
  • Injuries caused by faulty vehicles
  • Road traffic accidents to children
  • Accidents to and involving cyclists

Motorcvcle claims are often more serious and involve more severe injuries. Motorcyclists and pillion passengers are at a much greater risk than car drivers and passengers. Motorcycle claims are often very different from car accidents in that in addition to careless drivers, defective roads, spills or objects on the road can also play a part. MK Injury have experience in dealing with all sorts of motorcycle, moped and scooter claims.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident which was not your fault, get the compensation that you deserve in an efficient, professional and timely manner. Call us now for an initial free consultation.