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What to do next

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in accident within the last three years, it was someone else's fault and you were injured as a result you may have a claim for compensation. The following is a basic summary of what you should consider:-

  • inform the police if, for example, the injury resulted from a road accident
  • if the injury resulted from a road accident, report it to your insurance company. The insurance policy may be invalid if an accident is not reported. Try and obtain the third parties insurance details if you can. Make sure you have the registration number of the other car involved.
  • report the injury to your doctor because it could become more serious. You should do this even if the injury seems minor. If you subsequently go to court to get compensation for the injury, the doctor will be asked to provide a medical report
  • gather evidence about the accident and injuries. For example, it may be useful to take photographs of the scene of an accident and of what caused the injury and also take photos of your injury if there is scarring or bruising. You should also, if possible, write an account of the incident while details are still fresh in your mind. If there are witnesses, you should make a note of their names and addresses.
  • If the accident happened at work, it should be recorded in an accident book. If your workplace does not have an accident book, you should write out brief details of the accident and injuries, send them to your employer and keep a copy. Your contract may say that you have to report an injury at work to your employer.

What we will do next:-

  • We will contact the third party and initiate your claim, depending on the type of claim you have and its potential value we will do this in different ways and the time limit the third party have to respond will also differ.
  • We will need to take a full statement from you and maybe your witnesses
  • The aim of our work is to get the third party to admit liability. We will attempt to settle the claim by way of negotiation but if that is not possible we may have to issue court proceedings.
  • We will need to get some independent medical evidence to support your claim and will arrange for you to see a doctor.
  • We will work out your associated losses and expenses with your help.
  • We can also help to get you rehabilitation if appropriate.
  • Negotiated cases take on average between 9 -18 months. If court proceedings are needed cases may take over two years.