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MK Injury - Child Accident Solicitors

Accidents involving children or your persons under the age of 18 are dealt with in the same way as adult claims with the following exceptions. An injured child needs an adult to conduct the case on his or her behalf. The nominated adult is called a litigation friend. The child may have been injured in an slip, trip or fall in a public place such as at school on in the playground or whilst out shopping or in a road traffic accident. Children have 3 years from their 18th birthday in which to make a claim where as with adults, the three years will start running from the date of the accident.

If the claim is successful in most cases a judge will need to approve the settlement figure to ensure that the child is adequately compensated. This involves the child, litigation friend and legal representative attending a short, informal meeting at the local county court and is really nothing to worry about. It is usual for a barrister to have advised on the value of the claim prior to this hearing. Once the judge approves the settlement it is usual for the compensation to be invested in the court funds office to be released to the child at the age of 18. The money is invested in a high interest account.

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